Finally, a trade in solution where you drive the value

8 out of 10 consumers want a real trade value prior to visiting your dealership. Now you can give it to them.

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Today’s consumers need to feel empowered

Guaranteed Trade is a tool that is so engaging customers are now capturing their trade-ins from their home. With your team appraising the vehicle you remain in full control of the guaranteed value while giving the customer the experience they’ve come to expect.

Here’s a video that can be incorporated into your website and use in social media campaigns. Your company logo can be added at no extra cost.

Industry First

All appraisals in one central hub

Whether you are a single roof top or a large dealer group you now have visibility over every trade in. You can see what your team valued the vehicle at and the trade value offered to the customer. You can also seamlessly post the trade to the open market on Eblock and use that number to help you during the appraisal process.

The dealer is in full control of all guaranteed trade values being shared with the customer.

01. How it works

From your website

Many dealers already have a similar call to action on their site. Now when the customers clicks on this call to action you will see much higher engagement and a dramatic increase in conversion.

Only authorized personnel from your team have the ability to send the customer a guaranteed trade value.

02. How it works

Enter Information

Once the customer has entered their vehicle and contract information the system gives them an estimated trade value and then sends out a link to Guaranteed Trade for them to download. Once downloaded it opens up into the camera guiding the customer through a proper walk around.

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03. How it works

Getting Started

Once the customer has downloaded the app they’re prompted to follow the walk-around steps to capture exterior and interior photos as well as any applicable damage photos. As they go through the steps of decoding their VIN, confirming options, they will be asked some basic questions to help you in giving them a guaranteed trade value.


04. How it works

Let’s Get to Work

Once submitted by the customer your internal network will instantly receive a link via text or email. That link will have all the relevant information to internally appraise the vehicle. You can have unlimited individuals assisting you in the appraisal process. Only those with “Manager status” can see all the individual numbers, as well as send the customer back a “Guaranteed Trade” value based on the information they provided.

Please note, the vehicle is automatically parked on EBlock. If the dealer wishes to launch it as a live appraisal they can easily do so.


As an example, this manager internally appraised the car at $16,500. You can also see that they ran it on EBlock and it brought $17,000. Once the manager sends the guaranteed trade valu to the customer the email will appear like the phone on the right.